About Us


The Call to Coach

Women coaches are some of the most important teachers a young person can have. We offer lessons not only about the sports we love, but also about life itself – about values, hard work and achieving goals. As coaches, we are also:

  • ambassadors for our sports and our schools.
  • athletes who know what it takes to win and what it feels like to lose.
  • confidants when we need to be – and drill sergeants when we have to be.
  • mentors to our athletes and to each other.
  • role models for the next generation of athletes and coaches.

We don’t work nine-to-five. Our office is on the court, in the gym and at the pool, on the field and in the weight room, on the road and at home. We are in the business of teamwork, making the good better and building up the next generation of coaches and athletes.

The Alliance of Women Coaches was created to help you go beyond the Xs and Os of coaching and build strong professional and personal networks that will enable you to advance your career, enhance your management and communication skills, and find the support you need to create a healthy work/life balance.

Whether you are just beginning your coaching career or you’re an established coach who is looking to give back to the coaching community, we need you – and you need us! As individuals, we’ve made our life’s work out of inspiring and building up the athletes we coach; together, we have all the skills we need to make real and positive change in our profession and in the world of women’s sports.

john_wooden“It is amazing what can be accomplished
when no one cares who gets the credit.”

John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach

Aiming for the Bigger Goal

Pat Summitt often said that when it came to her teams, “Our emphasis is on execution, not winning.” That’s also true for the Alliance of Women Coaches. We are executing strategies now to change the way the game is played in the future.

Our larger goals:

  • Increase the number of women head coaches in all NCAA divisions.
  • Expand career opportunities for women coaches at all levels.
  • Achieve equal compensation for women coaches.

Competition inspires us. Energy unites us. Teamwork sustains us.  Join the team that’s making a difference for women coaches now and in the future. Become a member of the Alliance of Women Coaches.